Why This Blog?

clarity /ˈklarɪti/


  1. the quality of being coherent and intelligible.
  2. the quality of transparency or purity.

— Oxford Languages

It started simply: I was getting more and more frustrated with my inability to think clearly and communicate new concepts and ideas to others. When people were replying to my emails, I could see that they didn’t “get my points.” When reading again documents I wrote just a few weeks before, it was not making as much sense as I thought when writing them initially.

I also found that reading unclear articles not only frustrated me but could even make me somewhat angry. Bad writing wastes everybody’s time. For me, good communication was something critically important and I just couldn’t continue inflicting my bad communication to others. I had to do something.

Because writing is a craft, I could work on it in order to improve. This is why I created this blog, as a place to practice, to share my findings and record my journey.

I hope that I can encourage others to go down that path and improve their communications skills.

This blog focus on “non-fiction” writing. It is about communicating with others, and oneself, in order to teach, share ideas, convince, argument. It doesn’t focus on writing that focus solely on entertaining or literature works.