Why This Blog?

clarity /ˈklarɪti/


  1. the quality of being coherent and intelligible.
  2. the quality of transparency or purity.

— Oxford Languages

It started very simply: I was getting more and more frustrated with my inability to think clearly and communicate new concepts and ideas to others. Without clear communication, no dialogue is possible. No cooperation is possible.

Because writing is a craft and I wanted to improve on it, I decided to practice writing regularly. This blog is a place to practice, to share my findings and record my journey.

I hope that I can encourage others to go down that path and improve their communications skills. If I manage to bring a little bit of clarity or improve the quality of any debates, I’ll be more than happy.

This is about writing to bring clarity its own thinking.

It is about writing to communicate clearly any idea and concepts.

It is about learning to read to understand other points of view and have a better discussion.

When I think about the things I am deeply passionate about and that could be the most impactful, writing with clarity is at the top of my list.