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Our Services

Here's a sampling of some of the many kinds of writing, documentation, and pre-publication services Clarity provides. If you don’t find a service you want on this list, chances are we can still accommodate you.

To request a quote or learn more, send us a Clarity Services Request For Quote Form or email us at Staff@WriteWithClarity.com. There's no cost or obligation.

Document Creation

  • Write new documents of all sorts starting from your ideas, notes, outline, partially completed manuscript, rough draft, or final draft

Editing, Rewriting

  • Edit your existing manuscript—copy edit, edit for content, edit for style, or edit for organization
  • Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Creative Writing and Ghost Writing

  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Books, stories, documentaries, speeches, scripts, articles, etc.
  • Blogs

Manuscript Development Asistance

  • Prepare a written analysis of your manuscript and discuss it with you by phone or email
  • Do research for what you write
  • Create an index, table of contents, or cross-references
  • Incorporate tables, graphs, illustrations, art work, and charts. We use your materials or find other resources

Document Layout

  • Design and layout documents—pages, styles, fonts, covers, front matter, back matter
  • Format your manuscripts for submission to publishers

Media Services

  • Convert documents or files
  • Scanning
  • Laser or color printing


  • Write and print cover letters, emails, query letters, synopses, promotional ads and press kits you can use to contact publishers or agents.
  • Write emails for online promotions


  • Design, create, and publish pages for web sites or blogs
  • Design, create, and produce Adobe PDF documents or forms

Computer Apps

  • Create online or printed user manuals
  • Create online help in HTML or PDF format