Write with Clarity  

Suggestions for Describing Your Project

Use the questions below for ideas of what to include in your project description. Not all of this information is necessary for every project. Just include whatever you think will help us understand what you need.

Describe Your Document

  • Is your document fiction or non-fiction?
  • Creative or expository?
  • Is it a business, technical, educational, engineering, or scientific document?
  • Are you producing a manual, report, thesis, catalog, handbook, brochure, book, poem, or short story?
  • Are you producing an interactive electronic document?
  • Identify your audience; who will be reading your document?
  • Is the draft document handwritten or typed?
  • How many pages or files are in the draft document you will send?

Describe Your Media requirements

  • Are you producing traditional paper or electronic media or both?
  • Do you require online web pages, standalone .html documents for the PC, HELP for PC applications, or standalone HELP for the PC?
  • If you are producing interactive electronic documents, please describe where and how they will be published.

Describe Your Project's Scope

  • Describe the nature and scope of your project. What are you doing that relates to Clarity's services?
  • Describe what you are asking Clarity to do for you: Document creation? Draft development? Manuscript evaluation? Original draft preparation? Completion of your drafts? Start-to-Finish documentation? Other? (See Clarity's Services list.)
  • When will your Clarity Services project start and when will it be finished?
  • If your Clarity Services project is part of a larger project, describe the larger project and how Clarity Services fit in.
  • Describe the nature and scope of Clarity Services' involvement in your project. How big is Clarity's part of your job? How big is your part of the job?