Write with Clarity  


Our clients come from all walks of life and create a variety of different kinds of documents. Here's a sampling of who they are and a few of the things we do for them.

Private individuals

Our clients work on all kinds of documents intended for all kinds of reading audiences. They write for an amazing variety of reasons. Some write like experts; others are slow to put pen to paper. There's virtually no end to the variety of services they require.

Professionals, amateurs, and self-employed writers

Professional and amateur writers have at least one thing in common: they write to be published. They write fiction as well as non-fiction. Some have writing commitments; some write freelance; others are looking for a publisher or trying to break in. They publish books, articles, short stories, pamphlets, travelogs, cookbooks, poems, biographies, autobiographies, how-to books, and much more. Some seek research assistance and promotional services.


Large businesses and non-profits create and publish annual reports, handbooks, record books, user manuals, methods and procedures manuals, instruction manuals, announcements, and technical manuals of all sorts. They conduct training courses that incorporate audio-visual instructional materials.

To bring their documents to completion, they seek supplementary manuscript assistance such as editing, rewrite, typesetting, formatting, indexing, design, layout, table-of-contents creation, data conversion, printing, cross-referencing, illustration, graphics, media services, and pre-publication services.

Small businesses advertise with mail merges and e-mailings. They create and distribute flyers, brochures, menus, and ads.


Academics, professors, scholars, college and high school teachers are busy people; their focus is on teaching, but they have lots of other things to do. They write books, research papers, studies, and journal articles for which they need manuscript development.


Post-docs, grad school students, undergrads, and high school students seek help with editing, rewrite, and manuscript development for theses, term papers, reports, and special assignments. Foreign students may need help with English.

Engineers, scientists, and medical professionals

Many engineers, scientists, and medical professionals are more comfortable in their technical specialties than they are with writing about them.

They seek help with reports, technical papers, manuals, and journal articles. Some deliver speeches before conventions, professional institutions, and technical societies.

Software developers

Those who design, develop, and market computer programs are in the best position to know how they work. But some feel challenged by the task of documenting their software in a way that their customers can understand. Many are too busy to find time for both program development and writing. Some need help with support tasks, such as developing HELP software. They all need documentation assistance from a source that can both understand their software and write about it from the point of view of their users.

Web site operators

Designing, building, and maintaining a web site is a job for trained technical web specialists. Once their job is done, they withdraw, leaving behind a shortage of staff who are qualified to add content. Yet many firms and private individuals who operate web sites do not have ready access to non-technical specialists who are qualified to keep the content of web pages up to date. They seek help from those who are.